Gabriella Der


My name is Mrs Gabriella Der and I have been working as a live in carer in the United Kingdom  –  where I settled as well – for a couple of years now. My key area is to provide complete care services for elderly people.

Why I chose to be a live-in carer?

I was born in Hungary where I also completed my education in the university. After working in a corporate environment for more than 20 years, I decided a complete career change as I wanted to find a way to really make differences in people’s life.After several years of studies and corporate work, I am happy to have finally found the true calling of my life.

I really appreciate all the valuable experiences  this intensive and very personal one to one service brings.

I am inspired most when working with clients that can make a positive and negative difference too,  through assisting with the daily routine tasks as well as the longer scale duties where my expertise can be applied. I have a genuine passion for my work, I consistently complete tasks effeciently and effectively to ensure a high level of satisfaction for  both  my clients and their families’.

Why choose me?

When you are looking for a carer to support your family member, you can choose from a wide range of home care specialist agencies. They can provide full services, close and frequent supervision, all of which is reflected in their prices as well.

Maybe you find and sign a contract care with an agency.


  • Will have get a chance to get to know the carer who will be the most important helper and support in your beloved parents, wife’s or husband’s life?
  • Would you like direct personal contact, immediate feedback and to avoid inflexible organisational structures?


I am available from the mid of March 2018 and I usually work in two weeks on/off rota.


  • Short assistance to 61 years old gentleman suffering from fibromyalgia and a few strokes
  • Permanent daily care, hoisting, housekeeping and support for a disabled elderly lady, aged 88 years, – diagnosed with advanced dementia, as well as severe arthritis following 3 hip and 1 knee operations
  • Temporary assistance and housekeeping for an elderly couple,(86 and 88 years old) both of them had poor mobility, TIA and Parkinson’s disease
  • Permanent full personal care and housekeeping for a gentleman, 89 years old, who has very poor mobility and is on Warfarin
  • Temporary care for a disabled young lady with celebral palsy – hoisting, personal care, companion care, household tasks


  • Induction Training Courses (2014)
  • Silver Dementia Expert (2015)
  • First Aid Awareness Training (2016)
  • Moving and Handling Assessment (2017)
  • Food Hygiene (2017)
  • Safe Administration of Medication (2017)
  • Infection control (2017)
  • Safeguarding of vulnerable adults (2017)
  • Health and safety (2017)


I have 2 adult sons, who graduated in Hungary. The younger one lives and works there, the elder settled and works in Mallorca, Spain.

I prefer the arts, theatres, films, and reading books as well. My favourite hobbies are the  gardening and taking photos.